During our cross country trip we had the pleasure meeting a fellow camper who showed us his windshield privacy screen. Both my wife and I were impressed by the effectiveness of this simple product. From the inside we had a perfect view of the surroundings but from the outside you could not look in.We were so impressed and proceeded to buy our own solar privacy screen from Sun and Comfort on line. They even shipped it to the RV Park where we had planned to make our next stop. We have been using it ever since, it is simple to install and take down, (my wife’s job while I disconnect) and the price is right.Yes, I would recommend this to a friend!!

Fred Graves - Louisville, KY



“Cool” product Sun and Comfort, I like it. Keep up the good works.

Herman Tubar - Columbus, OH



Recently I bought a Solar Privacy screen from Sun and Comfort and I am delighted with the privacy it provides. It makes our coach much more cozy, keeps it cooler and I am sure the upholstery will last longer. But the best feature of all is the simplicity; in no time at all it can be fastened to the windshield and removed, which makes the product so useful for overnight campers.My old RV had a screen mounted on the outside with snaps, which required a ladder to install and were wet from the morning dew when we wanted to leave the next morning.Thanks Sun and Comfort, you saved me a lot of work, coming and going, and I do not have to remove the mildew any more.

Roy Waterveld - Phoenix,  AZ.

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